What We

Step One

Strategic research

Product demand

We search niches and high potential products. We see the demand and measure it. If we are satisfied, we source it.


We look for the best suppliers which could provide us the best quality and best efficiency we desire for our next product.


We calculate the costs, the delievery and ROI to see if the project is enough relevant to be launched on the market.

Step Two

Customer Avatar


We check the place that our brand can occupy in the minds of the customers and how we can distinguish it from the competition.


We divide our customers up based on common characteristics – such as demographics or behaviours.


Our brand positioning statement outlines exactly what our company does, who our product is for and how it’ll help our target audience reach its goals.

Step Three

Product Launch


The product launch is a crucial stage in our product roadmap. We ensure our launch is a success by having the right strategy in place.

Ads Campaigns

We design ad campaigns as a set of advertisements that focus on a single message. We are intended to meet a specific business goal as well as lead to conversions.


We turns window shoppers into paying customers by serving ads to those who have shown interest. Individuals can show interest through our website visits or a click on our social ads.

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